Halloween Costumes Gone Wrong

Welcome to my blog! It’s like a shiny new pair of shoes, with that department store smell still lingering on it. Lets mess it up at bit, shall we?

For my first post I want to focus on my favorite upcoming holiday, Halloween!!! It’s the holiday that allows you to dress up as a fictional character for a day without getting called strange. (Okay, I still get called strange, but I’ve learned to embrace it!)

Every year we receive several Halloween costume catalogues. My kids scour the pages looking for that perfect costume (anyone with kids understands how important this is). And every year I shake my head at those costumes that make me wonder, what were they thinking?  Here are the top eight that stood out this year from catalogues and online:

  1. So here is an adorable baby dressed so he looks like a shark is eating, him, ALIVE! It definitely taps into every mothers biggest fears, but I’m thinking that’s not what their intentions were.*fail*
  1. Image
  2. I don’t know who is more horrified here, the baby or the little brother, but this is sooooo wrong! This costume says, “You too can cook your baby brother in a large steaming pot.” These children will need therapy later. *epic fail*Image
  3. So this fella must think very highly of himself. I have to admit, it is clever.            image
  4. Of all the poses to choose from the movie to sell this Snow White costume, why would you pick this one? This picture says: your daughter too can look DEAD in this costume. Ummm… No thanks. And a green apple? Really?You couldn’t go to the store and buy a red apple? *fail*                            image-1
  5. And there’s always that one kid who’s parent’s obviously forgot about Halloween. Bless her heart, she looks happy in this picture. Her Mom must be a very good sales person. I’m not sure whether to shake my head or the mother’s hand. Please parents, don’t do this to your child. *sad*                                                                                                                         image
  6. If someone told me they were going to dress their baby as a mouse, I would think Mickey Mouse or something like that. Never would this image come to mind.                                           image-2.png
  7. &  08. Last and certainly least. It’s called Twerkin’ Teddy and Twerkin’ Suit. There was also a foam finger accessory. *Shudders* Now don’t get me wrong, I recognize the humor in this. However, no one should be exposed to that scene EVER AGAIN. Please for the sake of the children, don’t wear this!
  8.                                                                          image-1

One last thing: please remember Halloween is not code for dress-as-your-favorite-strip-dancer. Have fun this Halloween and stay safe!